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David A. Kelly is the Business Travel Guide for  After too many years eating airline peanuts, David shares advice on Trip Planning, offers On the Road tips, and explains Travel Awards.  He also shares weekly advice and reviews on his blog.

Travel Articles

David A. Kelly is an established travel writer who has written for a wide variety of outlets, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, New York Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Miami Herald,  AAA publications, and many more newspapers and magazines.  Here is a selection of recent articles.

New York Times Articles
Practical Traveler: When in Doubt, Insure
Weekend With the Kids: Trails, Trains and a Syrup House in Woodstock, Vt.
Weekend With the Kids: The Skis Come Out in the Adirondacks
Practical Traveler: Advice to Mileage Misers: Use the Hoard Now
Practical Traveler: How to Get the Best Exchange Rate (and Avoid Fees)
Practical Traveler: New Audio Books Pack a Lot More Prose
Practical Traveler: Airport Security: Buy an ID Card and Forget About the Line
Practical Traveler: Overseas, the Shock of the Surcharge
Weekend With the Kids: Fun if by Land and Fun if by Sea in Boston
36 Hours: Portsmouth, N.H.
36 Hours: Williamsburg, Va.
Practical Traveler: Seen the Airline’s Movie? Bring Your Own
Weekender: Lenox, Mass.

Articles in Other Publications

Dallas Morning News
If you want to watch a space shuttle launch, time’s running out
Finding a little bit of India in Maui

Boston Globe
Bahamian behemoth, Atlantis offers grand fun
Gaming aside, the Oneidas are betting on golf
N.Y. brewery shows a taste for competition
Biltmore House give visitors a tour on a grand scale

Chicago Tribune
A grand `expotition’ to Pooh Country

Family Fun
Escape to Maine