Travel Writing

David A. Kelly is an established travel writer who has written for a wide variety of outlets, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, New York Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Miami Herald,  AAA publications,, and many more websites, newspapers, and magazines.  Here is a selection of articles:

TripSavvy ( Articles
“Review of Casa Marina Hotel, Key West”

New York Times Articles
Practical Traveler: When in Doubt, Insure
Weekend With the Kids: Trails, Trains and a Syrup House in Woodstock, Vt.
Weekend With the Kids: The Skis Come Out in the Adirondacks
Practical Traveler: Advice to Mileage Misers: Use the Hoard Now
Practical Traveler: How to Get the Best Exchange Rate (and Avoid Fees)
Practical Traveler: New Audio Books Pack a Lot More Prose
Practical Traveler: Airport Security: Buy an ID Card and Forget About the Line
Practical Traveler: Overseas, the Shock of the Surcharge
Weekend With the Kids: Fun if by Land and Fun if by Sea in Boston
36 Hours: Portsmouth, N.H.
36 Hours: Williamsburg, Va.
Practical Traveler: Seen the Airline’s Movie? Bring Your Own
Weekender: Lenox, Mass.

Articles in Other Publications

Dallas Morning News
If you want to watch a space shuttle launch, time’s running out
Finding a little bit of India in Maui

Boston Globe
Bahamian behemoth, Atlantis offers grand fun
Gaming aside, the Oneidas are betting on golf
N.Y. brewery shows a taste for competition
Biltmore House give visitors a tour on a grand scale

Chicago Tribune
A grand `expotition’ to Pooh Country

Family Fun
Escape to Maine