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David A. Kelly has published hundreds of articles, blogs, and other content in a variety of websites, magazines, newspapers, and corporate publications. He has written about a wide range of hardware, software, cloud, and consumer technologies. He enjoys putting new technologies in context, so that organizations and individuals can make decisions and take actions to successfully choose, implement, or use solutions that can make a difference.

For consumers he’s able to help identify which new technologies or devices to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. For organizations, Kelly helps identify practical ways to help them achieve IT goals and profit from digital diversity. For technology vendors, Kelly can help position industry-changing products and put new technologies in a practical and understandable context.

David A. Kelly is the author of the following consumer-oriented articles in the New York Times, as well as a writer for the outlets listed below.

Articles in the New York Times
Practical Traveler: Avoiding a Large Phone Bill When Traveling
GPS Devices: Take Me to Starbucks if You Can’t Amuse Me
Practical Traveler: Global Positioning Systems: On Road or Trail, Navigating Made Simple
Video Catching Up to Photos When It Comes to Sharing
Practical Traveler: Keeping Your Computer and Its Contents Safe
Practical Traveler: Using Your Cellphone Anywhere in the World

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