David A. Kelly is a content marketing expert and writer who specializes in technology, business, and travel.

He works with companies, agencies, and individuals who need engaging technology, business, or travel content developed. He‘s an expert at translating complex technology concepts into actionable next steps for prospects and customers, via eBooks, white papers, case studies, executive briefs, blogs, thought leadership articles, and other formats.

David A. Kelly is also the author of over two dozen children’s books including the Ballpark Mysteries series and the MVP series of sports chapter books from Random House. So far, the books have sold over a million and a quarter copies. While writing children’s books might seem completely different from putting new technologies in context for potential customers, it’s actually useful experience–the clean, clear, direct, and engaging writing that keeps third graders on the edges of their seats can also make new technology solutions exciting and compelling for corporate and consumer audiences.

Technology Content Marketing & Writer
As a technology analyst and writer, David A. Kelly has written about all types of hardware, software, cloud, and consumer technologies. From ghostwritten white papers and blogs to webinars and product data sheets, David can put cutting-edge technology into context that potential customers can understand and take action on.

Travel Writer
David A. Kelly has written about travel for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and many other publications. David is the former Business Travel Expert for About.com.


Best-selling Children’s Author
David A. Kelly is the author of dozens of children’s books, including the popular chapter book series, the Ballpark Mysteries, which have sold over a million copies. In the Ballpark Mysteries, cousins Kate and Mike travel to Major League ballparks across the country watching games and solving mysteries. He is also the author of the early reader, Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse and the picture book Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and Secret Mud that Changed Baseball, and MVP sports chapter book series.